New German Citizenship Law of 2021 - obtain German citizenship by declaration!

Due to a change in German citizenship law since August 2021 many more people with German ancestors are entitled to a German / EU passport! Click here for more information. 

Would you like to know, whether you and maybe also your children already have the German citizenship or otherwise are possibly entitled to obtain the German citizenship?  Let us assess your possibilities.

Acquisition of German citizenship by birth

Are you of German origin? Did your ancestors come from Germany? Have you been born in Germany?

Are you interested in  an assessment, whether you may have the German citizenship and the right to carry a German passport?

Here are some relevant cases, which may apply to you.

Loss of German citizenship

Are you of German origin, but possibly you or your ancestors have lost the German citizenship due to a naturalization abroad? Please let us check your legal situation for you. 

Establishment of German citizenship

What happens if our assessment points to the fact that you might already have the German citizenship or could be entitled to it? 

You may want to have this fact officially stated by the German government and maybe also apply for a German / EU passport.  We will help you to set up and submit the necessary application and will act as your legal representatives until you get the final result. 

If you have already applied for German citizenship and your application has not been decided upon yet, or if it had been turned down, you can appoint us as your attorneys for further dealings with the German government.


Initial contact with us

We recommend to contact us via email and give as many details as possible on your situation and ancestry.  

We also recommend to use our form. Please fill it out and mail it to us for an initial assessment.

To send us an email please click on the underlined text.

Disclaimer: This website is being operated by a German law office. All information and papers you provide to us will be handled with utmost confidentality.